Dinner for Busy Moms
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Through her own experience and with her keen journalistic sense, Jeanne Muchnick has presented a case for what Woman's Day magazine has just hailed as the "just good enough" dinner that is both accessible and actually doable. 

Dinner for Busy Moms by Jeanne Muchnick

Study after study proves time spent gathered at the kitchen table is a significant way to strengthen family bonds. Yet, in our time crunched world, how do we fit the “goal” of what we know we should do into our crazy, busy reality? This is not a cookbook but a strategy guide filled with expert advice from moms just like you. And yes, take-out counts.

Learn how to:

  • Turn off the TV and get back to the table (without a revolt)
  • “Shop” your pantry
  • Buy smarter – and save money
  • Nourish kids of all ages
  • “Feed” your soul (aka eat in peace)
  • Foolproof recipes to get you started
  • Hundreds of ways to answer the question “What’s for Dinner?”

isbn: 978-1936005000
216 pages
Spring 2010